Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Climb For Captives

The following email was sent to me via the Seattle Against Slavery network. If at all possible, please support this amazing endeavor. Part of me is a bit jealous - I'd love to summit Rainier but that isn't going to happen for a LONG time, if ever and to add to that the imperative task of raising money to rescue women and children caught in terror...

I urge you to do as Scot asks and imagine, for just a bit, what it must be like to be trapped in that world. I started to write out a scenario but realized I was breaking my own rule about this blog. This isn't supposed to be my opinion. However - if you can't imagine what happens to people who are trafficked, email me. I can relate a few stories I have heard.

However you reach the decision, if you can support Climb for Captives in any way, I strongly urge you do so.

From Scot Sulstad:

Dear Friends,

On August 14th a group of eight friends will set out to climb Mount Rainier as the Climb for Captives team. The Climb for Captives tradition began last year as a group of friends decided to turn their expedition into a life-altering CAUSE. Despite difficult weather and various challenges, the group successfully reached the 14,410 foot summit and raised almost $19,000 to help combat human trafficking in South East Asia. The climb left a lasting impression on the team and deepened their burden and desire to help set free those men, women and children who are enslaved.

Following the success of the Climb for Captives expedition last year, we decided to make the climb an annual event and raise the stakes. In a struggling economy, this was not an easy decision. Still, the correct action became clear when we remembered that the tough economy is only making those who profit from human trafficking more determined than ever. We have no choice but to match their intensity.

We have added new team members and have increased our planning and fundraising goals this year. We have partnered with the International Justice Mission to carry out an ambitious project in the notorious red-light district of Mumbai, India. The project is holistic in its approach. It is aimed at:

1. Rescuing 18 victims of sex-trafficking

2. Securing their placement in safe aftercare facilities

3. Pursuing the arrest of their perpetrators

4. Protecting other vulnerable children by restraining the hand of specific oppressors and bringing individual perpetrators to justice. Pursuing perpetrator accountability also creates a strong deterrent effect for future abuses

Continuing the transformation of Mumbai through the development of the local justice system
This project will require the hard work and relentless determination of many dedicated people and can only be carried out with your help. Our goal is to fund this entire project which will cost $40,000. We know our goal, like the project, is ambitious. However, when countering a crime as monstrous as sex for profit, we must be ambitious. These women and children need all of our support. Edmund Burke makes a poignant statement here: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.”

For more on the project, please CLICK HERE

I often wonder the extent we would be willing to go if we could feel, or even see the horror to which these women and children are subjected to daily. If we could feel a fraction of their pain or traumatic circumstances, for even a moment, how different would our response be? Modern slavery is an ugly reality, but still it is the entire reality for an estimated 27 million people at the current time. I urge you to let yourself think about it. To take a journey of empathy; to engage thoughts of what it must be like having your whole life left to the disposal of another person.
Please join us in our cause! Here are some ways you can get involved:

1. Give a financial gift online by clicking here: GIVE NOW

2. Create an “I Support Picture” details here: I SUPPORT

3. Purchase Climb for Captives gear: GEAR

4. Follow the Climb for Captives blog: BLOG

5. Go 10x10! Give $10 (or more of course) yourself and commit to getting 10 people to give $10 and spread the word to 10 more people.

We look forward to updating you on new developments and the climb!

Find out more about the cause and the climbers at

For Justice,

Scot Sustad

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Proverbs 31:8-9

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