Wednesday, July 29, 2009

International Justice Mission

As found on the International Justice Mission's site, posted by Bethany Hoang:

Double success!
I am thrilled to bring you this report today from yesterday’s operations - significant rescues were secured in two nations last evening:

• Last night (July 28), IJM Cambodia and local police conducted a successful rescue operation at a remote brothel: 20 girls and young women were removed from the building in the coordinated operation, and all perpetrators were arrested. The brothel owner, formerly an officer in the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, initially attempted to escape by jumping from a second floor balcony over a brick wall, but was pursued by police and ultimately found hiding in a shed. The brothel was particularly cruel; the girls and women there were never free to leave alone and were sent to service customers at local casinos each night. One of the girls said to IJM staff, “Now we’re out of hell and going to paradise!” The victims are receiving care from IJM social workers as they share their stories with local authorities. IJM will ensure that each victim is equipped with the aftercare services she needs in collaboration with local partners. The accused perpetrators are in police custody.

• Additionally, last night, one of IJM’s South Asia teams conducted an operation in collaboration with local police at a brothel – the operation, a result of IJM investigative work, brought freedom to seven trafficking victims. Six suspected perpetrators were taken into police custody duing the rescue operation. The freed women and girls are being cared for by IJM social workers as they share their stories with authorities.

Praise God for his great love and rescue! As always, any comments you leave will certainly be shared with the team who fought so hard to bring this victory. And please continue to pray for them, as the rescue operation is only the beginning in the justice journey.

Proverbs 31:8-9

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glocal.dan said...

I agree, this is wonderful news! The people at IJM's field offices in India and Cambodia are top notch!