Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freedom and Fashion

People often ask me what they can do, specifically, to combat human trafficking.
The truth is, we unknowingly aid those who combat in persons on a daily basis.  What we look at, what we buy, where we shop...  even the food we eat.  I do it and I'm aware of trafficking issues and you can bet that, unless you make a serious, concious effort to do your research and shop where you KNOW the vendor guarantees they do not use any suppliers or themselves use slave labor, they probably do somewhere along their production line.  Please do not misunderstand - companies are not always aware they're using someone who trafficks in persons.  Others, though, simply do not care.
It is becoming a bigger issue - you have probably seen or heard stories about companies "caught" using slave labor in their production lines.  People are letting those companies know it is NOT ok.
Today, I learned about this website:  Freedom and Fashion.  Through this website, you can find clothing and accessories guaranteed fair trade.  I already have a few favorites.
I don't get a lot of time to work this blog (which is probably why it doesn't have a large readership) so I didn't email and get permission to publish pictures from each of Freedom and Fashion's partners.  I urge you, though, to head to the website and check out their "Partners."  It really looks like it'll be worth your time.
And you, by your purchase, will help someone, in a very large way, caught up in the ugly world of trafficking.
Seems to me to be a win.

Proverbs 31:8-9

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