Monday, December 15, 2008

The SOLD Project

Another idea for your gift giving this season. I received this information in an email today from The SOLD Project. If you're still wondering what to give to someone, check out their site. If you want to have something physical in your hand to give someone, check out their online store for items made by rescued slaves.

This Holiday Season, give a gift in your friend or loved ones name! Gift giving this year is seeming to take a turn towards justice - people are simplifying, and asking 'what really matters?'. Consumers are demanding fair trade, and wanting to give gifts with stories. The SOLD Project recently launched our scholarship program in the northern villages of Thailand, which gives scholarships to children at-risk of exploitation.And so we ask you: This Christmas, what story will your gift tell?

$365 sponsors a child for a year of education
$110 provides school uniforms for a child
$50 buys a child their set of schoolbooks
$35 provides a years tuition to a child
$10 buys shoes for a student

When you donate online at, The SOLD Project will mail a custom postcard to the person receiving your gift, alerting them to your generous donation. Minimum gift donation is $5.

And don't forget to check out our store for crafts made by street children in Chiang Mai as part of their art therapy program!
Online Store

This year, you are giving more than a gift. You are giving a story, and changing the lives of children.With love, appreciation, and hope,The SOLD Project [for more gift ideas, you can also browse art donated to The SOLD Project by visiting our etsy store. all proceeds go to benefit the project]

Etsy Store

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Wow..I've never heard of this, but this is something that sounds wonderful!!!

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