Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coalition Update

It occurs to me we had a Coalition meeting almost a week ago and I haven't spoken a word about it in the interim. Of course, a short week at work (with a full week's worth of work to get done), Thanksgiving and piano lessons have about swallowed up every available minute since the meeting.

Hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know mine was interesting. You can't have Thanksgiving dinner without having a few hiccups during the day and we certainly had a good one. Another entertaining memory to talk about as the years go by.

Coalition business. We seated our officers and passed our mission statement, action and strategy plans. We also discussed the possibility of hosting a Film Festival at area churches. I have asked anyone interested in helping with the Film Festival let me know two things. (1) By December 8th - any films you think we should use and if you are willing to help with the Festival. (2) By December 15th if you know of an available venue and what using that venue would entail.

If you think your church would be interested in hosting a segment of the Festival, please go to whomever you need to talk to, find out if the space would be available either the weekend of February 13 or February 27.

Please don't hesitate to enlist your friends and family members as possible volunteers. We will need a lot of bodies to cover each church. Possible volunteer needs are: concession sales, merchandise sales, panel discussion member/leader, announcer/speaker before each film, clean-up, set-up, etc. I'm sure there will be more but that is what has come to mind so far.

Finally, please give serious prayer and thought to the Film Festival. We do not want to step ahead of God on this one so if we are not meant to be doing this, we want Him to close the doors. Any money raised will go to support the Coalition as it steps out in its business - specifics of that will be provided at our next couple of meetings as we round this out.

I'm sure I have forgotten a few things in this post so if something jumps out at you, please ask. Also, if you are interested in volunteering, please send me an email or leave a comment here with a way to contact you.


Proverbs 31:8-9

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